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After leaving Glasgow School of Art we (my husband Mike and I) embarked on the creation of a social media website (a bit like Facebook) for artists and musicians. 

Although that project went well, we had a family to feed, and that particular website, back in 2000 was not bringing in enough money. Let’s face it, not many people had the internet, or even knew it existed back then.  

Thankfully, my dad’s accountant stepped in and told us how popular the internet was going to become and how we should shift our creative efforts to the online space. 

I’m so glad we did!

Since then we’ve supported our family by doing all sorts of online businesses, from web design, app development, blogging and social media marketing to coaching, ecommerce and freelancing. We want to share our experiences with the world to help others start and grow their online digital career. 

Platform Jam is a Full Stack Digital Agency, built for the now. We continually create free tutorials that allow you to make your dreams a reality. But if you’d like us to personally help you with your digital career, then we’d be more than happy to assist.

Meet Rowanna Watson (Ro)

Best Selling Author,  Mother, Health Coach, Blogger & Artist


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